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What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram is a trending social media platform with more than 200 million active users. Instagram is a great platform for online businesses to market themselves or run their blog. Getting followers can be easy yet hard with so many people on Instagram.

Some key factors may help you get the traction you need. Understanding Instagram’s algorithm is crucial to maintaining steady growth in engagement. Time is also one of the crucial factors in getting people to engage with your post.

The best time to post on Instagram in the UK is when people are unwinding and scrolling on their phones. We researched to estimate when your post can get the attention it deserves. Want to know what can be the best time to make the post on Instagram? Keep reading forward!

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

The urge to emerge on social media is high for small brands and new bloggers. You are willing to try every trick in the book to get people to engage with your post. However, timing also matters as much as the quality of your content. Here are some times to post on Instagram:

● According to the Generalized Data

Based on aggregated data, many websites show the best time to post on Instagram UK 2022. While the aggregated data shows the best analysis, it may not be the best for you. The aggregated data includes businesses, sports pages, common user behavior, etc.

However, posting according to it may not be beneficial for you. Your audience may be unique with distinct behavior. Hence, running your analysis based on your audience’s behavior is crucial. Study your audience by making posts at a few different times. Whichever time your audience interests the best one is a great time for you to post.

● Best Time to Post for Starters

As a beginner, Instagram can be a very intimidating space, especially with no knowledge of a starting point. Here your intentions will guide you into grabbing the audience’s attention. Here are a few times that can work best for beginners:

Commute Time

Morning or evening commute time would work best if you have your blogging page. As a working person or student, you have the most time to kill on a bus or a train. People have more time to give to your post and interact with it more attentively.


If you are a personal brand and small business looking to grow, weekends are the best time to grab people’s attention. People have more time to shop on weekends and wander online business websites more often.

Make a compelling post on weekends if you are a B2B or B2C page. However, use the story feature all week to ensure people don’t lose touch with your brand. Actively tracking post engagement can help indicate the best time for you to post.

Work Breaks

Work break can be the best time if you have an audience older than 24 or 25 years. It is around 1 pm to 3 pm when people like to eat and scroll through social media. Your post is likely to get more attention during that time.

● Post According to the Occasion

Making posts according to the occasion is very important. If you have been posting during morning and evening commute time, you will have to switch weekend posting times. People won’t be up that early on holiday. Hence, switching your posting time during the holiday and weekends is better.

What Factors Come into Play When Considering the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

When selecting the best time to post on Instagram, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Want to acquire Instagram followers from UK? You have to consider all the factors before you decide to make the post and get more engagement. Let’s have a look:

Online Frequency

Every page has a unique audience, especially personal blogs. Hence, using aggregated data to determine the post time may not be a smart idea. Checking when most of your audience is online is a great way to determine posting time.

If you have a business page or a personal blog, you can use the insights button to see when most of your audience is online. You can post according to that time or a little before the peak time to grab the user’s attention.

Target Audience

Target audience plays a pivotal role as you want your post to reach potential customers. If you live in the UK and are targeting people in Australia, you should post when most of your Australian audience is active.

If you are targeting a universal audience, you can post at a time when most people around the world are active and awake. You can also use the story feature multiple times to divert your audience to the post you made a few hours ago.

Your Niche

One of the most important things to consider when determining the best time to post on Instagram in UK is your niche. If you are a business page or a blog about newborns, making posts late at night also works.

Moms are usually awake at night with their babies and often scrolling on social media. You must consider your niche and analyze which time would be great to post.

The Days

Wondering what the best time to post on Instagram today is? Each day your audience may respond to your post differently at different times. People may not engage with a post on Monday much, but they might on the rest of the days.

You also must go through your insights and see the peak hours daily. Making the post before peak hour is a great way to get attention. You also may have to change the posting time on the weekend. The best time to post on weekends is usually around 1 to 2 pm. That’s how you acquire Instagram followers from UK!

How does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram has an algorithm that keeps on changing with time. You must keep uplifting your algorithms knowledge to get a better reach and attract more followers. To push your content on the platform, you must make content that suits the algorithm. Here are some tips:

Post Information

Instagram Algorithm is based on users’ interests and what they want to see as a user. If your past posts have been popular, they appear more frequently to the interested users. If you want your post to be visible to maximum people, work on getting more likes and engagement on the post.

Consistency, using Instagram tools, buying Instagram likes UK and posting at the right time can be key factors in making your post go viral. Make sure to upload reels as Instagram pushes video content more than picture content. Use the right hashtags and post consistently for better reach.

Interaction with Poster

If you are posting something, it will be more visible to people who have interacted with you in the past. People who actively like, comment, and re-share your posts will easily find your newer ones. Hence, it is good to encourage users to visit your post through stories. The more a user visits the post, the more visible your posts will be to them in the future.


Instagram loves consistency; hence, posting frequently is the key to better luck at emerging on the platform. The kind of content you post will determine your audience. If you have a lifestyle blog, Instagram will show your post to people interested in it.

Optimizing the Post

If you are posting at the right time and still it isn’t getting enough reach, you must optimize your post. To optimize your post, you should use the right hashtags and tag the right people or pages on your post. The story repost feature also helps increase the reachability of your post. Also, buying Instagram likes UK can be a way to boost the engagement!

What Experts Have to Say About the Best Time to Post on Insta UK?

There are quite a few tricks and tips one can use to determine the best time to post on Instagram. However, according to their analysis, some expert platforms, such as Later, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, etc., determine the best times to post. Here are some of the best and worst times to post:

  • Saturday and Sunday are the best days to post on Instagram, especially after 6 pm.
  • Tuesday between 11 am to 2 pm is also the best time to post.
  • The worst times to post are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10 am to 4 pm.

Final verdict

The best time to post on Instagram in the UK varies depending upon the type of content you post. Aggregated data may not be good if you are an influencer or a unique brand. You should be able to find the best time for posting through trial and error. Make sure to research your audience and try a bunch of different times to find the best one.

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